Energy Efficiency

Install Weather Stripping on Your Windows for Cost and Energy Efficiency

Install Low Cost Efficient Weather Stripping

Install weather stripping on your windows to save money on your heating and cooling bills and reduce energy waste.

Weather stripping on your windows is cost effective, improves the value of your home and is eco friendly. This simple and effective home repair project saves on your utility bills by avoiding unwanted warm air when you are trying  to cool your home during the summer months and unwanted cool air during the winter months. The steps below are for weather stripping a double hung window using v flex weather stripping, the most common type of windows.

** In the directions below and the video  the window sash refers to the frame of each window pane that holds the glass and the jam is a larger window frame around that that the windows sit in.

Use a damp rag to wipe clean the window jam, and any area that you intend to apply the weather stripping to on the inside and outside panes of your window.

Cut the strip to the length that you want, to be precise it is best to use a measuring tape to get the right length. Cut your piece 1inches longer than you will need.

To fully seal the window you need a piece for both sides of the inner and outer sash, the bottom of the inner sash, the top of the outer sash, and the meeting rail where the outer sash meets the inner sash.

Start on one side of your inner sash. Peel away the backing of the strip except for an inch or so at the top, later you will need to push this piece up between the sash and the jam and this makes that easier.

Press the strip in place on the window jam with the v facing inside and fold it over. Tuck the extra tape up between the sash and jam. Repeat this on the other side of the inner sash and close the sash. Peel away that backing that you left and adhere the tail end of the strip on each side.

Install the piece of weather stripping you measured for the bottom of the inner sash and the top of the outer sash in the same manner in step 4.

For the meeting rail lower the outer sash to expose the inside face and install a piece of weather stripping as you did in step four with the v facing down.

Review the steps in this video carefully before you begin your project to help it go smoothly and much more quickly.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Measuring your windows and how much weather stripping you will need before you begin the project will save considerable time and hassle.
  • Purchase some extra weather stripping in order to avoid running out mid way through or in case there are any parts that you need to redo during the project or later on.